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Do I Stay, or Do I Go? – Ask a Tenant Rep

Tenant Rep negates on behalf of the tenant

Dear Business Owner, No Pain Chiropractor’s 1,500 square foot retail lease is up for renewal.  The big question for No Pain is, “Do I stay, or do I go?” Business is booming and the lease amendment details, like a higher lease rate and no tenant improvements, had been pushed to the back burner until the last minute. By then No Pain Chiropractor was in a corner. Sam, the business owner had two choices: sign the amendment or try to relocate in two weeks. Sam weighs his options. Overwhelmed by the process, he signs the renewal instead of the risk of

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The Cost of Tenant Representation – Part 2: My Tenant Rep Costs How Much

Not hiring a Tenant Rep is the biggest mistake a small business owner makes when searching for office space.  The deal negotiated directly with the Landlord will cost the Tenant over the term of the lease, no matter how savvy a business person. The Tenant just doesn’t know what they don’t know. You might have these questions: Isn’t leasing office space a DIY? Why pay for something I can read up on and do myself? If I hire a Tenant Rep, how much do they cost? No Tenant Rep Example iWeb, a web based company, had the perfect office in

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