Monthly archive for March 2020

Andrea Davis – NPR Interview with Doug Wells and Alison Kuhlow

Andrea Davis, author of SimpLEASEity: A business owners guide to winning the game of commercial real estate leasing walks NPR listeners through some of her 11 steps outlined in the book that help ease this increasingly complicated process. Read the article:

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The Written Lease Is Always The Ruling Document

In previous blog posts we discussed why tenant representation is important and how without it, your business could face to pay thousands of dollars. Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at one example that happens more often than not. You’ve had a great year and your business is thriving. But with growth brings complications and you’ve now exceeded your company’s number of allotted parking spaces. According to the property manager, you’re in violation of your lease. You try and reason with them stating the previous property manager said it would be no problem if the business grew, however since

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Simply Own It – The American Dream: Increase your wealth with commercial real estate – The Cost of Buyer Representation

Brokers: The Nuts and Bolts Don’t be fooled! Many buyers confuse a seller’s broker for their representative. Inexperienced buyers can easily mistake the person showing the commercial buildings as someone who will take care of them in purchase negotiations. They don’t and here’s why: Sellers want to make money and buyers want to save money. With that in mind, it’s unfeasible for a single broker to represent both sides of a transaction. The seller’s broker has a fiduciary duty to the seller or the building owner, so representing the buyer fairly is next to impossible. When a seller’s broker insists

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