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Today’s market – which is HOT! And how business owners can prepare themselves for this landlord’s market along with the value of tenant representation. Jason started in the auction business when he was fifteen years old. Working as a runner for a national auto auction, Jason was instantly hooked by the many benefit auctions can have for sellers. Jason attended Arizona State University, majoring in Global Business with a particular affinity for “the art of the deal.”  While in college, he began to work in top 40 radio and was able to use his talents to hone and perfect his ability

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FOR SALE: 2040 Sq. Ft. Office Condo in North Scottsdale

North Scottsdale Best Kept Secret! Office Condo for SALE 2040 Sq. Ft.  / Asking $375,000 Download Property Brochure 8160 East Butherus Dr, Unit #1, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 A creative, unique split-level office condo with a private patio and beautiful garden courtyard. Abundant natural light streams in through large multi-pane windows on 3 sides of this space. The brightly lit conference area, upstairs, overlooks the open workspace below. Three offices, a wet bar and restroom make up the balance of the upstairs layout. Downstairs has a nice large open area collaborative workspace, 2 offices, a kitchen, IT room, storage and restrooms. This area opens onto a

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Dear Business Owner: Investment Sale – Check Your Backyard First

Dear Business Owner, (Dear Reader: These ‘Business Owner’ segments illustrate how real life commercial real estate challenges can result in win-win solutions…even when the going gets tough!) The market is strong, your single tenant commercial investment has paid dividends for the past three years – good dividends. The quaint free-standing building, home of a medical practitioner for over 20 years, is nestled in a trendy residential community. The doctor’s seven year lease has four years remaining.  The tenant pays rent on time and is fully responsible to maintain the property, physically and financially. Every month the check is deposited directly

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Out of the Loop

ROI commercial Property scottsdale sale

(Dear Reader: These ‘Business Owner’ segments illustrate how real life commercial real estate challenges can result in win-win solutions…even when the going gets tough!) Dear Business Owner, The commercial real estate asset purchased during the downturn is one of your best investments. A reliable tenant, initially produced a healthy, cash on cash, 9 percent annual return on your investment and now it yields a 10.5 percent annual return. Score! Every month there is an automatic deposit into your bank account. The tenant’s lobby is always packed. The office manager shared that this is their top grossing location in Phoenix. After

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Dear Business Owner: The Circus Stays in Town

Dear Reader: These ‘Business Owner’ segments illustrate how real life commercial real estate challenges result in win-win solutions…even when the going gets tough! Dear Business Owner, Sometimes running a business is like running a three-ring circus. Relocating an established company involves assessing the current business strategies while defining the company’s future.  Such is the case for The Circus School that teaches all age kids, circ du sole like acrobatics.  Buried in the middle of a light industrial park, The Circus School has limited visibility and is difficult to find. Their unique program draws a crowd, but they also use target

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Dear Business Owner – Manufacture Urgency

(Dear Reader: These ‘Business Owner’ segments illustrate how real life commercial real estate challenges result in win-win solutions…even when the going gets tough!) Dear Business Owner, In the complex world of commercial real estate, location alone won’t maximize your commercial property value. Timing, demand and generating urgency are equally important. A commercial property in a strong location, sold in a down market will probably loose money. Yet if there is demand, and urgency is created through marketing, the seller will capitalize on their profit.  That same property sold when market conditions are favorable, will turn a profit and maybe even

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 Old, yet Stellar – Insider knowledge on commercial real estate deals, behind the scene.

Dear Business Owner, Selling a commercial real estate property isn’t the same as selling a house. Unexpected obstacles tend to arise at the most inopportune time. Like the scenario described below, my experience as a commercial broker helps clients navigate through this complex transaction, one hurdle at a time. At seventy-two, Frank wants to retire.  He’s not sure what to do with the retail building he owns that was home to his successful music company of thirty years.  So, how can we make that happen? The Property Frank’s invites me to tour his immaculate one-story retail building, built in the

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Sticky Business

warehouse commercial real estate transaction

Dear Business Owner, Commercial Real Estate transactions often have a sticky moment to navigate. The outcome depends greatly on the mindset and communication skills of all involved parties: the landlord and landlord’s broker; along with the tenant and tenant’s rep. Let’s review a recently closed warehouse lease transaction to understand how the tenant justified paying rent at two locations and a reluctant business partner. The Set Up ISD’s CEO is on the other end of the phoneline and shares his company’s overnight success. “Andrea,” he says, “You know that government contract we’ve talked about for so long? It’s finally signed. 

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Do I Stay, or Do I Go? – Ask a Tenant Rep

Tenant Rep negates on behalf of the tenant

Dear Business Owner, No Pain Chiropractor’s 1,500 square foot retail lease is up for renewal.  The big question for No Pain is, “Do I stay, or do I go?” Business is booming and the lease amendment details, like a higher lease rate and no tenant improvements, had been pushed to the back burner until the last minute. By then No Pain Chiropractor was in a corner. Sam, the business owner had two choices: sign the amendment or try to relocate in two weeks. Sam weighs his options. Overwhelmed by the process, he signs the renewal instead of the risk of

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The Cost of Tenant Representation – Part 2: My Tenant Rep Costs How Much

Not hiring a Tenant Rep is the biggest mistake a small business owner makes when searching for office space.  The deal negotiated directly with the Landlord will cost the Tenant over the term of the lease, no matter how savvy a business person. The Tenant just doesn’t know what they don’t know. You might have these questions: Isn’t leasing office space a DIY? Why pay for something I can read up on and do myself? If I hire a Tenant Rep, how much do they cost? No Tenant Rep Example iWeb, a web based company, had the perfect office in

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