Commercial Real Estate Buyer Representation

Simply Own It – The American Dream: Increase your wealth with commercial real estate – The Cost of Buyer Representation

Brokers: The Nuts and Bolts Don’t be fooled! Many buyers confuse a seller’s broker for their representative. Inexperienced buyers can easily mistake the person showing the commercial buildings as someone who will take care of them in purchase negotiations. They don’t and here’s why: Sellers want to make money and buyers want to save money. With that in mind, it’s unfeasible for a single broker to represent both sides of a transaction. The seller’s broker has a fiduciary duty to the seller or the building owner, so representing the buyer fairly is next to impossible. When a seller’s broker insists

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Tips for a Smooth 1031 Exchange To Help You Save Money

1031 exchange commercial real estate investment

If you’re thinking about selling an investment or business property, a 1031 exchange can be a great option to increase your cash flow by deferring taxes. Simply put, a 1031 exchange allows a taxpayer to sell an investment or real estate property and reinvest the proceeds in a similar, “like-kind” property that is equal to or greater in value. As long as IRS rules are diligently followed, capital gains on the sale of the property will be postponed. To help ensure your exchange is smooth and successful, here are five things to consider: 1. Start Looking For Your Next Property

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Dear Business Owner – Manufacture Urgency

(Dear Reader: These ‘Business Owner’ segments illustrate how real life commercial real estate challenges result in win-win solutions…even when the going gets tough!) Dear Business Owner, In the complex world of commercial real estate, location alone won’t maximize your commercial property value. Timing, demand and generating urgency are equally important. A commercial property in a strong location, sold in a down market will probably loose money. Yet if there is demand, and urgency is created through marketing, the seller will capitalize on their profit.  That same property sold when market conditions are favorable, will turn a profit and maybe even

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