Simply Own It – The American Dream: Increase your wealth with commercial real estate – Part 2: Ownership Pays

Ownership of a scottsdale, AZ commercial real estate property builds equity in your future; not your landlord’s. An owner reaps greater tax benefits, has an avenue to save for tomorrow and is empowered with the pride of ownership. Best of all, business owners control their destiny and add to their retirement plan. Book one of this series, SimpLEASEity™, summarizes the complex lease transaction in 11 easy steps. Book two, Simply Own It ü, perfected over twenty years, details timing of ownership in a simple and easy step by step how-to guidebook. We will: Answer important questions relevant to commercial real

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Out of the Loop

ROI commercial Property scottsdale sale

(Dear Reader: These ‘Business Owner’ segments illustrate how real life commercial real estate challenges can result in win-win solutions…even when the going gets tough!) Dear Business Owner, The commercial real estate asset purchased during the downturn is one of your best investments. A reliable tenant, initially produced a healthy, cash on cash, 9 percent annual return on your investment and now it yields a 10.5 percent annual return. Score! Every month there is an automatic deposit into your bank account. The tenant’s lobby is always packed. The office manager shared that this is their top grossing location in Phoenix. After

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Part IV – SimpLEASEity – Commercial Real Estate Overview

We’re going to keep this brief… Before SimpLEASEity’s™ 11-steps of leasing can be executed, it’s necessary to understand a few commercial real estate (CRE) fundamentals. The key to Tenant success is twofold. Appreciate how CRE fundamentals fit into the larger scheme of a lease. Recognize the importance of retaining experienced Tenant Representation to save money on your new lease or renewal. CRE is BIG business. This powerful industry dominates world affairs and it fuels our economy.  CRE is built on long standing relationships with BIG money behind it. From the beginning of time, landowners have held the power. As a

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Part III – SimpLEASEity

Why a Tenant Rep? A Tenant Rep is a highly trained specialist who safeguards lease exposure, manages expectations, analyses each property, and assures the negotiated lease terms are what market conditions dictate as fair.  The Tenant Rep keeps you informed of industry changes, trends and will assist with lease renewals. Think about it, a business owner seldom searches for office space.  At most, a company moves two or three, maybe four times during its business life.  The average lease term is three to five years, sometimes ten. If the lease is written well from the get-go, the Tenant Rep will

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What is SimpLEASEity?

SimpLEASEity, a guide to commercial real estate office leasing, contains confidence-building tools for the layman to utilize when seeking a new business location. It empowers Tenants to negotiate a successful lease and offers tips to identify and hire competent Tenant Representation at no cost to you. There are 11 simple steps to empowerment when leasing office space. Step One – Strategic Economics, the plan Step Two – Market Conditions, a fair lease rate Step Three – Information Gathering, the property search Step Four – Property Tour, possible office options Step Five – Narrow the Prospects, market the Tenant Step Six

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