Commercial Real Estate Services

Engage Andrea Davis CRE and stay focused on running your company. We expedite the lease/purchase process relieving you of the stress and time that the process otherwise consumes.

We work on your behalf to secure all possible incentives in this market place. Additionally, we strive to obtain below market rents while being reasonable with your Landlord to assure a positive long-term relationship.

“Andrea Davis far exceeded my expectations with her knowledge of the market and thorough preparation in helping me purchase my first office building. She was tireless in showing me properties and an invaluable advocate in the sales process. I can’t imagine using anyone else in the future but her. We love our new building. Thanks, Andrea!”

Chris W. Durkin, RHU, REBC, President of The Fringe Benefit Company

Why Engage Andrea Davis CRE? We care about you.

  • Andrea Davis CRE represents YOU, yet is paid by the Landlord or Seller. Our services cost you zero.
  • Every listing has a built-in leasing fee (commission) the Tenant pays regardless. (See FAQ)
  • Representation does not affect your lease rate, it is already contracted.
  • Without Representation, the “savings” goes into the Listing Broker’s pocket. The Listing Broker looks out for the Landlord’s interest: not yours.

We represent Tenants and Buyers every day – and we do it well.

  • Andrea Davis CRE is systematic in the leasing/buying process. It can be lengthy and complicated. (See Our Process)
  • We make the process as easy as possible while saving your company valuable time and money.
  • The lease/purchase market place changes quickly and we are at the pulse of it (See our client list).
  • We focus on your company’s business plan and how commercial real estate complements it.
  • We utilize proprietary databases not offered to the public, presenting you all your available options in the market place.

Case Study – National Tenant 5 Year Savings:

Office Size & Lease Term: 2,200 SF 5 year lease term
Landlord Asking Lease Rate: $24.00 Gross $275,000.00 (total rent over 5 years)
Negotiated Tenant Lease Rate: $21.00 Gross $242,000.00 (total rent over 5 years)
Value Add for Tenant:
Annual Lease Rate Savings: $3.00 Gross $33,000.00 (in reduced rental rate alone)
Tenant Improvement Savings: $4.55 SF $50,000.00
Covered Parking Savings: $0.50 SF $4,800.00
Free Rent Savings: $2.10 SF $23,000.00
Total Tenant Savings: $11.15 SF $110,000.00 (40% savings)
Commercial Real Estate Services February 28, 2013